South Central Junior Cricket Association

SCJCA Constitution


19th April 2005 to include President instead of Chairperson

9th August 2005 to include Vice President

5th April 2016 to include Tribunals, appeals, penalties

11th July 2017 including more on banking 9.1.1, 9.1.2 & 9.1.3


The name of the Association shall be hereinafter called The South Central Junior Cricket Association Inc.


The objects of the Association shall be:-

2.1  Promoting, Co-coordinating and Developing groups for the benefit of Junior Cricket in the South Central Suburbs.

2.2  To do all such other things as may be incidental to the attainment of such objects.


3.1  Management of the Association shall be vested in the Board. The members of the Board shall be members of the Association and shall comprise:

3.1.1  Not less than three, nor more than ten, members of the Association elected at the Annual General Meeting as hereinafter provided.

3.1.2  The senior employee of the Association if any.

3.1.3  A person nominated by the South Australian Cricket Association.

3.1.4  Not more than two persons co-opted by the Board subsequent to the Annual General Meeting after taking into account the need to provide the Board with expertise in management and service delivery.

3.2  The Office Bearers of the Association shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer who shall be elected by the Board from its members for a term of one year at a board meeting held within one week following the Annual General Meeting.

3.3  A Board member shall serve not more than three consecutive terms of two years unless continuation in office is endorsed by resolutions of the Board and the Association in General Meeting.

3.4  One half of the first Board members shall be chosen by consensus or by lot to retire or seek re-nomination at the first Annual General Meeting following their appointment and thereafter the position of each elected Board member shall fall vacant on the completion of two years.

3.5  The quorum shall be one half the numbers of the appointed Board members in that season.

3.6  The President, Secretary or two other members of the Board shall have power to call a meeting of the board.

3.7  Notice of meetings shall be given at the previous Board meeting or by seven days’ written notice distributed to all Board members or in an emergency by such other notice as shall be ratified by the Board.

3.8  An Office Bearer or member of the Board shall cease to hold such office upon:

3.8.1  Resignation in writing delivered to the premises or an office bearer of the Board;

3.8.2  Revocation of nomination by a nominating organization;

3.8.3  Absence for three consecutive Board meetings without explanation acceptable to the Board;

3.8.4  Permanent or temporary suspension by the unanimous vote of all other Board members present at a duly constituted Board meeting. Such suspension may be revoked by majority vote at a subsequent Board meeting, and a suspended member may require such suspension to be reconsidered at a general meeting called pursuant to clause four of this constitution.

3.9  Vacancies unfilled or arising in the Office Bearers or other Board members may be filled by the Board by co-opting members for the un-expired remainder of the term.

3.10  The Board may function validly notwithstanding any vacancies so long as its number is not reduced below the quorum.

3.11  The Board may appoint sub-committees of members and non-members for specific purposes who shall meet as they see fit or as directed by the Board and who shall report to the Board.

3.12  The Board may appoint an Executive of the Office Bearers together with one Board member who shall meet to carry out day to day business delegated by the Board and who shall report to the subsequent Board meeting.

3.13  The Board shall appoint a Public Officer who shall notify the Corporate Affairs Commission of such appointment and who shall file such other returns and notices as shall be required by law. The Public Officer shall hold office until another person is appointed to the position by the Board.

3.14  Board members shall upon election or nomination become members in their own right. They may express the views and interests of any organization which they represent, but must vote in the interests of the Association and to carry out its objects.

3.15  Board members must not vote in any decision in which they or a close associate have a financial interest and must not use their position to obtain any financial or other advantage for themselves or for a close associate.


4.1  The Annual General Meeting shall be held at least once in each calendar year and not more than four months after the close of the financial year.

4.2  The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:

4.2.1  To confirm the minutes of the preceding Annual General Meeting.

4.2.2  To receive the Presidents report for the previous financial year.

4.2.3  To receive the treasurers report and audited financial statements for the previous financial year, together with the financial budget for the current financial year.

4.2.4  To announce the commencement of the term of nominated and representative members.

4.2.5  To elect or re-elect Board members who must consent in person or in writing.

4.2.6  To conduct any other business placed on the agenda before the commencement of the meeting.

4.3  The Annual General Meeting and all general meetings be open to the public who if present shall be entitled to vote at the meeting. Resolutions of a general meeting shall be tabled for consideration in the subsequent meeting of the Board.

4.4  Written notice of not more than twenty eight days and not less than seven days of all General Meetings shall be displayed at the premises of the Association and distributed to all members who do not visit the premises regularly.

4.5  Members shall each be entitled to one vote at any General Meeting at which they are present.

4.6  A quorum at any General Meeting shall be ten members or two-thirds of the members whichever less is.

4.7  If at any General Meeting there is no quorum within thirty minutes of the time appointed for the meeting then a majority of members present may decide to adjourn the meeting for a period not exceeding fourteen days. The quorum for such adjourned meeting shall be reduced to five failing which the meeting will lapse altogether.


5.1  The powers of the Association shall be the powers contained in the Associations Incorporation Act and without limiting those powers the Association shall be entitled to hold real or personal property; open and operate bank accounts, invest in trustee securities, and enter into any necessary or desirable contract including a contract of employment.

5.2  The Board shall be entitled to exercise the full powers of the Association, and without limiting those powers shall have the management and control of the funds and other property of the Association, provided that the Association must obtain the approval of a General Meeting before borrowing money or security any payment be charging the property of the Association.


6.1  Voting shall be by a show of hands except that:

6.1.1  Any contested election at an Annual General Meeting or otherwise shall be by secret ballot.

6.1.2  The meeting may by show of hands require any other vote to be by secret ballot.

6.2  Persons with special interests of knowledge relevant to the Association may be invited to attend any meeting and to speak at the discretion of the Chairperson but such persons may not vote.


7.1  The President shall ensure the safekeeping of the Common Seal which shall be affixed only by resolution of the Board or of a General Meeting and in the presence of two Board members including at least one Office Bearer.

7.2  The President shall chair Executive, Board and General Meetings except that in the absence of the President the Vice President may take the chair or at the request of the President or of a majority of a meeting another member may be elected as chairperson for that meeting.

7.3  The Chairperson at any meeting shall have a personal deliberative vote and shall in addition have a casting vote if votes are equal.

7.4  The President together with the Secretary shall prepare the agenda for Board and General Meetings.

7.5  The Chairperson of a meeting shall encourage full balanced participation by all members and shall decide on matters of order.

7.6  The Chairperson shall act as spokesperson unless an alternative Spokesperson has been appointed by the Board or a General Meeting. The Spokesperson shall make statements in accordance with previously agreed policy, or in an emergency following consultation with at least two members of the Board.


8.1  In the absence of the President the Vice president shall assume these duties.


9.1.1  The Treasurer shall ensure that all monies received are paid into an account authorised by the Board in the name of the Association. Payments shall be as petty cash, direct deposits (internet banking) or by cheque which requires two authorised signatories to sign of whom there shall be no more than four appointed by the Board. Major or unusual expenditures shall be authorised in advance by the Board or a General Meeting.

9.1.2  As cheque’s will be removed soon, we will be completing transactions by internet banking, therefore only one signature is required, but for safety on all accounts the Treasurer must email all Board members the monthly bank statement, along with producing all invoices for payment that were paid in the month of that meeting via email or handout.

9.1.3  The Credit Union is to have a standalone email address (, this email address will be allowed to be on any board members computer, so when any invoice is paid, the Credit Union will forward all payments via this email address to all signatories on the bank account and or any other board member that requested this email address.

9.2  The Treasurer shall ensure that records are kept of all receipts and payments and other financial transactions. Such records shall be available for inspection by any member.

9.3  The Treasurer shall ensure that financial budgets and statements are prepared and shall submit a report on the finances to each Board Meeting.

9.4  The Treasurer shall ensure that annual Financial Statements comprising either an account of receipts and payments and a statement of assets and liabilities or an account of income and expenditure and a balance sheet shall be prepared following the end of the Associations financial year, which shall commence on 1st. April and end on 31st . March unless altered at a general meeting.

9.5  The Treasurer shall ensure that annual Financial Statements are audited before presentation to the Annual General Meeting by an independent auditor who shall be appointed by the Board; provided that where the auditor is changed the Treasurer shall so inform the Annual General Meeting in the Treasurer’s Report.

9.6  The Board on 16th of May 2015 authorised the Treasurer to change the payments by direct deposit from our general bank account.


10.1  The Secretary shall ensure that notice of meetings is given in accordance with the provisions of this constitution.

10.2  The Secretary shall ensure that records are kept of the Association including the constitution and policies, records of members, a register of minutes of meetings, a file of correspondence, and records of submissions or reports made by or on behalf of the Association.

10.3  In the absence of the Secretary or at the request of the Secretary or of a majority of the meeting another member shall be elected as minute’s secretary.


11.1  An employee of the Association may be a member of the Association or any sub-committee.

11.2  A person performing paid work for the Association on a regular substantial basis:

11.2.1  Shall not be a member of the Board unless specifically provided in this constitution or any subsequent amendments; and

11.2.2  Shall not take part in decisions relating to paid work and shall remain absent from deliberations relating to any worker if so requested by a majority of the Board.


The Board by three-fourths majority vote may repeal or amend this constitution and may make, repeal or amend Rules or Bylaws for the proper administration of meetings or business provided that such Rules, and such repeal or amendments, shall be notified to the subsequent General Meeting.


13.1     Persons who with the authority of the Board incur any debt or other liability on behalf of the Association shall have such liability met by the Association so that they incur no personal loss.

13.2     The income property and funds of the Association shall be used solely towards the promotion of the objects and shall not be paid or transferred to any members or relatives of members provided that nothing herein shall prevent any payment in good faith to any person in return for services actually rendered or to any person in furtherance of the objects of the Association and without undue preference.

13.3     On dissolution all property remaining after payment of all legal liabilities shall be transferred to such other body formed for promoting similar objects or for charitable objects as shall be approved by the Association provided that:

13.3.1  Such other body shall also prohibit the distribution of income and property to the members to the extent stated herein:

13.3.2  If the Association shall have been approved pursuant to Section 78 of the Income Tax Assessment Act then such other body shall also be approved; and

13.3.3  The Association shall not be dissolved except by approval of not less than three-fourths of the members present and voting at a meeting called for that purpose of which not less than one calendar month’s written notice including notice of the proposed dissolution has been distributed to all members.


14.1   Tribunals – refer to by-law book or by-laws on our website  

14.2   Appeals – refer to by-law book or by-laws on our website

14.3   Tribunal penalty’s – refer to SACA codes of conduct and penalties in their Premier Cricket by-laws.  

14.4   Premiership Points removed, refer to by-law book